Arun Press offers tailored publishing services based on the exact requirements of authors and publishers. Having published our own books and worked with numerous authors, we recognise that while some authors have nothing more than a manuscript and not much idea of where to go next, others are established self-published writers and just want access to a market or sales channel.

Arun Press offers both a-la-carte options that are fully tailored to the specific requirements of the author or full end to end publishing services and anything in between.

As every requirement is unique, Arun Press does not quote standardised prices for any services; printing, distribution and publishing are different from one author to another so each requirement is quoted individually. Please contact us for a discussion of your project and how we can help.


For authors who have a fully typeset book and are now looking to print, ahead of distribution to bookstores, or, authors who simply wish to print a set of books for personal sales, Arun Press can offer low-cost, high quality printing.

Arun Press offers digital printing – generally suitable and cost-effective at lower quantity print runs – and offset printing for larger print runs. Generally speaking, colour printing will be done by offset printing at larger volumes to make per unit cost low enough to still be able to sell at a profit. Digital printing may be used for very low quantities of colour books e.g. for personal consumption or special editions.


Arun Press was initially founded to distribute books to Asia Books – by far Thailand’s largest English language bookstore chain with over 70 stores nationwide. Arun Press also distributes to Kinokuniya and other smaller independent bookstores and cafes that have a book corner.

Book distribution can broadly work in two ways, although hybrid bespoke solutions are possible. Authors and publishers who already have printed books available can have their books in shops almost immediately upon agreement by the store to purchase (on consignment). Examples in this scenario are either self-published authors who have printed and stored a batch of their books or publishers who have printed books in their current sales locations but no presence yet in Thailand. 

For those who do not have printed books, they can order a print run, as per above, through Arun Press. Alternatively, authors can request a deal whereby Arun Press pays the upfront cost of printing but also takes virtually all the revenue generated from sales, with author revenue share increasing once Arun Press has been repaid the cost of printing. Generally speaking, authors are encouraged to consider self-funding printing, as only books that are highly likely to sell heavily are considered for print cost funding by us.


For authors who have a manuscript and require conversion to a fully typeset and cover-designed, finished book and / or conversion to an e-book (Kindle Mobi and ePub) format, Arun Press offers full publishing services, also including ISBN assignment, proofreading and anything else.

Books published will be under the Arun Press imprint. Arun Press will hold non-exclusive publishing rights and exclusive distribution rights in Thailand only.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help bring your book to life and to market.